Winning in Today’s Market

Aug 19, 2021 | Market Update, Summary

I have been a Realtor in Guilford County, North Carolina for over 21 years. My experiences have taught me that one thing in my real estate career will always be the same: the real estate market is constantly changing. Learning to adapt, adjust and work effectively for my Buyers and Sellers in this ever-changing environment is a skill that I am proud to possess.

Our current real estate market is one that I had always heard about in states like California and Florida. A market where a property is listed for sale for only a few hours, multiple offers are presented to Sellers, and Buyers are having to make offers on many properties before their offer is accepted. If it is accepted.

And here we are, in Guilford County, North Carolina, learning to adapt to a market of low inventory, high Buyer demand and multiple offers on newly listed properties. And so, I have proudly adapted to this new market. Today’s Buyers need a real estate agent to advocate for them more than ever. An agent to help position their offer to be the strongest presented. They need a real estate agent that is constantly searching for new properties that are listed or about to be listed. Today’s Buyers need an expert that will make sure they understand the comprehensive contracts, due diligence fees and time frames and other moving parts to this challenging but rewarding process.

There are so many benefits in purchasing a home now. This past year has taught many of us about the value of spending time at home with loved ones. We are working at home, home schooling and we are entertaining in our backyard oasis’s that we created during the pandemic. We are buying “more house” because we can afford it with the incredibly low interest rates. Now is certainly the time to buy.

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