Welcome to Fall

Sep 23, 2021 | Summary, Triad Events & Information

Transitioning into Fall is a process. The air becomes crisp and the days begin to get cooler. We start adjusting our lives into this mode by pulling out our sweaters, a few at a time, until we get the “signal” that it’s time to take out our entire winter wardrobe. We begin to spend more time indoors than outside, even entertaining more inside.

Our homes enjoy this same transition. Our gardens start looking tired so we work on cleaning them up on the warmer days, putting in fall plantings if you enjoy gardening like I do, and pulling up the cages from the spent tomato plants and retiring them to their safe winter place, ready to use next year. Preparing our outdoor living spaces with firepots and chairs for the cool evenings.

Focusing on the inside of our homes become our next project. I think it may be in preparation for “hibernating” for the winter months to come. Luckily, in the Carolinas, with four distinct seasons, we are not housebound for too long. Actually, only a few days or weeks at a time with spurts of cold weather.

Decorating for the Fall and Winter months is exciting.

Some of the Fall trends that we are seeing include bringing natural fibers into your home. It feels like bringing the outside in, since this past year we have learned that we enjoy our outside living spaces. Adding houseplants and bringing in outdoor elements inspired by nature in the form of our furnishings and textures into our homes.

Other Fall trends include layering chunky fabrics in our living spaces and in our bedrooms and creating sanctuaries within our homes that are cozy and relaxing,

For more decorating ideas and trends, see the links below:


My wish for you is that you enjoy your homes and your family (two and four legged family members) throughout these next seasons.