Staging Advice for Sellers in a Strong Market

Aug 12, 2021 | Market Update, Summary

Even in a strong real estate market, Sellers are encouraged to stage their home before listing it for sale. Having a property in “market ready” condition can often lead to more offers and selling for the highest possible price.

As your real estate agent, I guide my Seller Clients on the steps to take to help potential Buyers visualize themselves in your home. Of course, every property is different and some staging tips may be specific to some homes that are not necessary for others. For example, if your home has 8-foot ceilings and is surrounded by trees which limits the amount of light that comes in, we may make adjustments to create brightness. Those adjustments may include light paint on the walls, removing window screens, and removing valances or other window treatments that restrict light.

Another staging tip that I recommend is neutralizing your house to help Buyers visualize themselves and their items in your home. While some Buyers can see past a burgundy wall, if they do not use this in their personal color scheme, others may not.

If you have limited counter space, I would recommend removing most items from your counters to give the appearance of more space.

For your bedrooms and baths, a white comforter on your bed and white towels in your bath will help your rooms look cleaner and fresher. Check the backside of your existing comforter to see if it is white and just flip it instead of buying a new one. Have a spare set of white towels and bath rugs for your baths and when you leave for the day, before your showings, change out your “every day” towels and rugs for the fresh ones.

These are just a few tips that I share with my clients as we work together to prepare their house for sale. As each person is different, so are their homes. All with specific needs to show them at their very best.

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